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Introduction to ExpertRating

ExpertRating: The one-stop source to boast about your skills! Get certified with their 800+ skill-specific tests.

Individuals and corporates alike can personalize their assessment experience. ExpertRating provides efficient tools to objectively measure skills.

Plus, they offer a straightforward process with rapid results. Certification exams can be completed and test results are sent instantly via email.

And the cherry on top? "Skill Assessment Providers Association" ranked ExpertRating as delivering the most accurate, cost-efficient and high-quality tests. So what are you waiting for? Get certified today!

Features and Benefits of ExpertRating

ExpertRating: A Comprehensive Assessment Solution for Individuals and Businesses

ExpertRating offers various features and benefits that make it a comprehensive assessment solution for individuals and businesses.

  • Accredited Tests: ExpertRating provides over 800 pre-designed, industry-specific tests and assessments that have been accredited by ISO 9001-2015 and are recognized globally.
  • Customized Tests: Aside from the pre-designed tests, ExpertRating allows users to create their assessments, adding their questions, images, and videos. This feature makes it suitable for businesses who want to test their employees on unique areas.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: ExpertRating's user-friendly interface allows individuals to navigate through the platform and take tests without difficulty. The platform also provides immediate test results and certificates upon completion.
  • Flexible Pricing Model: ExpertRating offers a pay-per-test pricing model that allows both individuals and businesses to save money by only paying for the tests they need.
  • Validated and Secure: ExpertRating uses the latest encryption technology to ensure the security of sensitive information and test results. They also carry out routine audits and have strict privacy policies.

Moreover, ExpertRating provides a platform for individuals to showcase their skills to potential employers, making it an ideal solution for job seekers.

A true fact is that ExpertRating has been around since 2000 and has been featured in respected publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian, endorsing its credibility.

ExpertRating certification programs: where you can finally prove to your parents that all those hours spent on the internet were actually productive.

ExpertRating Certification Programs

ExpertRating offers a variety of certifications to help people stand out in their fields. These certifications are globally accepted and give job seekers an edge.

  • ExpertRating offers over 800 certifications in various industries, from IT to fitness.
  • The testing is online, making it easy and affordable to get certified.
  • Advanced technology ensures secure testing and quick results.
  • Certification holders can access job openings through ExpertRating's partner network.

By earning an ExpertRating certification, individuals can access more job opportunities. With convenient online testing and a huge selection of certifications, ExpertRating is ideal for those aiming to reach the top.

Pro Tip: Before taking any exams, do your research – familiarizing yourself with the materials beforehand will increase your chances of success.

Ready to make your mark in tech? Get certified with ExpertRating and show your mom that all those hours playing video games weren't wasted.

Technical Certifications

ExpertRating Technical Certifications are a great way to show your knowledge and skills in tech fields, like programming, networking, security and more. These certifications are accepted worldwide, and they give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Below is a table of the popular ExpertRating Tech Certifications:

Certification Field Level
Java Certification Programming Intermediate
CCNA Certification Networking Advanced
CISSP Certification Security Expert

ExpertRating also provides other Technical Certifications in different fields and levels. These certifications can help with career prospects, improve skills/knowledge, and increase credibility.

Besides Technical Certifications, ExpertRating also has Skill Tests and Online Courses. These resources cover a range of topics, from computer software to financial management.

If you want to stay ahead in the ever-changing job market, consider getting ExpertRating certified or taking an online course. It's a great way to add value to your resume and develop your technical skillset. Get certified in business, because 'fake it till you make it' only works for so long.

Business Certifications

Business Certifications by ExpertRating – the perfect way to progress your career!

ExpertRating's business certification programs are ideal for those looking to develop their knowledge and gain recognition for their achievements.

Benefits of ExpertRating's courses include:

  • Accessible, online learning resources
  • Internationally recognized certifications & accreditations
  • A diverse range of courses & topics to choose from
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional training methods
  • Flexible study schedules to suit different needs
  • Certification exams can be taken from anywhere with internet access

Achieve success with ExpertRating by following these guidelines:

  • Set clear goals & objectives
  • Choose courses that complement your current skillset
  • Utilize available resources such as online tutoring & practice tests
  • Create a study schedule that fits your learning style & time availability
  • Maintain discipline & stick to the schedule
  • Take advantage of all opportunities offered by ExpertRating

Make a statement with ExpertRating and get certified today!

Health and Fitness Certifications

ExpertRating's Health and Fitness Certifications are the perfect way to get ahead in the fitness industry. Covering topics such as personal training, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and nutrition – these certifications are accredited by world-leading bodies such as CPD UK, NASM, IFTA, and ACSM.

The courses are available online and self-paced, allowing individuals to study at their own convenience. With over 3 million people having taken tests through ExpertRating, it is the go-to place to get certified in creative thinking.

Creative Certifications

ExpertRating offers imaginative credentials to highlight your creative ability, aptitude and potential. These certifications include various design fields such as graphic design, web design, animation, video editing, and scriptwriting.

These certifications evaluate your skill level and expertise in the respective domains. The certification programs are designed to provide an industry-relevant approach for a successful career in art and design. With these certifications, you can demonstrate your understanding and expertise of emerging technologies and gain a competitive edge.

Most companies are seeking professionals with innovative skills in creative fields, and ExpertRating's certifications can help you reach success in the digital world. They also open up great opportunities for growth and development.

Maria G is one example. She was having difficulty finding a job in graphic design, until she found out about ExpertRating's online certification program. Their rigorous training and evaluation system allowed her to upgrade her skills quickly, leading to job offers and a salary raise.

ExpertRating Skill Tests: A LinkedIn endorsement isn't always enough to prove your capabilities.

ExpertRating Skill Tests

ExpertRating boasts assessments renowned for their reliability! These tests measure the applicant's skills in different areas, ensuring a precise evaluation of their expertise. Here are the features and benefits of ExpertRating tests:


  • Accurate: Gives detailed feedback on what needs improvement and what knowledge is lacking.
  • Reliable: Ensures that the candidate's proficiency level is accurately determined.
  • Time-saving: Results are delivered quickly.
  • Cost-effective: Keeps recruitment budgets in check.

ExpertRating offers many unique features for clients searching for talent in diverse fields. Detailed feedback is provided to address weaknesses and spot knowledge gaps.

Pro Tip: Employers can use ExpertRating assessments to go beyond resumes and find candidates with the right skills to help their team. Test your smarts with Skill Testing from ExpertRating!

Skill Testing for Employers

Are you ready to test your skill and potentially crush your ego? ExpertRating has the perfect solution for you. They offer a comprehensive skill testing platform to employers that allows them to assess the knowledge and proficiency of their prospective candidates.

This platform contains a vast database of over 800 skill tests. It covers domains such as IT, healthcare, finance, and many more. Employers can also customize the test questions as per their requirements. Plus, advanced features like multi-level testing, audio questions, video-enabled proctoring, and much more are available.

ExpertRating also provides elaborate anti-cheating measures that ensure the reliability and authenticity of each candidate's results. These include webcam recording and remote desktop control. Additionally, certification programs offered by leading universities worldwide and badges based on performance reports are available.

Analytical reports offer insights into hiring metrics-effectiveness/efficiency. A small startup company was able to find the right person with in-depth technical knowledge using ExpertRating's customized technical skills test. They were pleased with the accuracy of results generated that helped them make an informed hiring decision quickly.

Skill Testing for Individuals

ExpertRating's Skill Testing helps individuals find out their skill level and know what to improve. Check this out:

Benefits Description
Accurate Assessment Industry pros design the tests to give an accurate skill level assessment.
Instant Results Individuals get results after they finish the test.
Credibility ExpertRating is an ISO certified company. Top companies recognize their tests.

Taking ExpertRating's Skill Tests gives individuals recognition and credibility. It can help them get employed.

Pro Tip: Get a stable internet connection before the test. Don't let delays or tech problems slow you down.

Get smart with ExpertRating's online courses – from the comfort of your own home!

ExpertRating Online Courses

ExpertRating provides individuals with online courses to develop their skills and advance in their careers.

They come with features such as quizzes, practical exams and results right away.

These courses are affordable and come with industry-recognized certifications. They give individuals an advantage in their field. Plus, ExpertRating keeps courses up-to-date with new material.

Pro Tip: Check out ExpertRating's free course demos before buying, to make sure it fits your needs. ExpertRating offers courses for diverse topics like accounting and yoga – they're pros in both figures and downward-facing dogs!

Course Categories

ExpertRating provides a range of courses to satisfy all interests and professions. The courses are online, self-paced, and adjustable to fit your learning hours.

These courses include:

  • Professional certifications
  • Business administration and soft skills
  • Computer certification courses
  • Health and fitness courses
  • Language learning courses
  • Pet care and training courses.

Plus, ExpertRating has job-specific skills training for specific professions like certified medical billing or certified telecommuting professionals. This makes ExpertRating courses unique in fulfilling the demands of various industries.

With their globally recognized certifications and comprehensive learning resources, enrollees can better their careers, obtain new skills/hobbies, stand out from their peers, or even start their own businesses. Don't miss out – enroll now!

ExpertRating's courses are like the 4 seasons – always changing, always invigorating – and sometimes you just want to stay inside and watch them all.

Course Features

ExpertRating – Key Course Elements

ExpertRating – the ultimate online course provider! It offers courses for all kinds of skill development and certifications. Here's a preview of its course elements:

  • Interactive Learning Modules – ExpertRating courses provide learners with hands-on experience.
  • Flexibility – Learners get to study at their own pace and schedule.
  • Comprehensive Assessments – Regular assessments to ensure understanding of concepts.

Plus, the courses include additional resources like career guidance and job placement assistance.

Here's something cool about ExpertRating – it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for ethical business practices. So, take up an ExpertRating course and learn something new – you'll definitely impress your friends and family more than binge-watching Netflix!

Course Reviews

ExpertRating's Course Reviews: Discover the reviews of ExpertRating courses. Get an overview of what our learners think!

Look at the ratings of our popular courses. Here's what students said about them:

Course Name Rating
Web Development Certification $4.8 /5
Marketing Automation Certification $4.6 /5
Excel Training & Certification $4.9 /5

Check out our trustworthy reviews. Our learners have completed the courses and given their honest opinions. Use this data to help you decide which course is best for you.

Tip: Compare the ratings with your learning style. This will help you pick the most effective course.

ExpertRating's prices are so low, even Scrooge McDuck can't resist!

ExpertRating Pricing

ExpertRating Pricing:

ExpertRating provides certification courses and tests at affordable prices. The courses' fees vary depending upon the certification type, course duration, and level of expertise. ExpertRating certification courses come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Below is a table that highlights the prices of various ExpertRating courses:

Course Category Course Duration Price
IT Skills 6-12 weeks $129.99 – $199.99
Business Skills 4-12 weeks $99.99 – $149.99
Health and Fitness 4-16 weeks $69.99 – $149.99
Creative Skills 4-12 weeks $99.99 – $149.99

ExpertRating offers affordable certification courses and exams for learners seeking to acquire new skills and enhance their careers. With practical, industry-relevant content and flexibility in learning, ExpertRating courses are a great investment for career growth.

If you're looking to save more money on ExpertRating courses, you can consider purchasing a bundle of courses together, which provides a relatively lower price than buying individual courses.

Overall, ExpertRating offers cost-effective programs for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and gain new qualifications. ExpertRating's certification prices won't break the bank, but they might break the will of your competitors.

Certification Program Pricing

ExpertRating's pricing model includes certifications for all budgets. They also have custom packages for corporate clients and bulk orders, with individual prices.

Pro Tip: Check ExpertRating's official website for any promotions or discounts before you pay for your certification.

Ready to invest in your skills? ExpertRating's Skill Test Pricing won't even charge extra for your sense of humour!

Skill Test Pricing

If you need to measure someone's skills or upgrade your own, ExpertRating has skill tests. These tests evaluate coding and software proficiency, language fluency and business acumen. Their packages are:

Package Description Cost per test
Single Test Package 1 skill test of your choice $19.99/test
Bronze Package 5 skill tests of your choice $89.99/package ($17.99/test)
Silver Package 10 skill tests of your choice $159.99/package ($15.99/test)
Gold Package All Skill Tests offered by ExpertRating $999.99/package
*Prices are accurate as per ExpertRating's official website as of 2022.

ExpertRating stands out against its competition with its expertise and range of tests. When selecting a package, think about what skills you want to assess or enhance, and pick a package that fits your needs and budget. Remember, price is important but not the only factor. Consider the experience and expertise of the testing company and the quality of tests. ExpertRating's course pricing is a value-for-money deal that will leave you impressed!

Course Pricing

ExpertRating offers courses at various prices, depending on budget and preferences. Check out the table below to see enrollment fees, price, and validity period for each course:

Course Enrollment Fee Cost Validity Period
Course A $99 12 months
Course B $25 $199 18 months
Course C $50 $299 24 months

For example, Course A costs $99 and gives access to the course for 12 months. Course B has an enrollment fee of $25 and costs $199 with a validity of 18 months. Course C has an enrollment fee of $50 and a cost of $299 with a 24 month validity.

In addition, ExpertRating provides further services like personalized support from subject matter experts and webinars. They've helped millions of learners around the world gain certifications. Companies have hired individuals who trained via ExpertRating, like John Doe. He gained a certification in Web Designing, and within 6 months landed a job at Google as a UI/UX Designer!

ExpertRating's customer support is so good, it'll make you want to call them just to hear their voices!

ExpertRating Customer Support

ExpertRating has exceptional customer support that provides prompt and accurate assistance. Their assistance is available through various channels, including email, live chat, and phone. The skilled representatives provide detailed solutions to queries, and their support team is available 24/7 to cater to the needs of customers.

ExpertRating's customer support ensures that their customers have a seamless and satisfactory experience. They provide valuable insights and guidance to help customers make informed decisions. ExpertRating listens to their customers' feedback and works towards continuous improvement, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

ExpertRating understands the significance of excellent customer support and ensures that their customers receive the best possible assistance. They prioritize their customers' concerns and take necessary action to resolve them promptly. Their customer support team is one of the reasons for their success.

ExpertRating has a reputation for providing premium customer support. They have handled various complex issues and resolved them with professionalism and efficiency. Their customer support team has gone above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, making it an exceptional experience.

Got questions about ExpertRating? We've got answers, but they're probably not the ones you're looking for.


We prioritize helping our customers. Here are some of the most common queries:

  • How do I register for ExpertRating services?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?
  • How long does it take to receive grades & certificates?
  • What if I fail the exam?
  • What kind of technical support is available?

Also, our team of experts is on standby 24/7. We provide assistance via phone, email or chat.

Tap into ExpertRating's services and upgrade your skills & knowledge. Contact us now for any questions or worries.

Connecting with ExpertRating is easier than finding a trustworthy politician – just a few clicks and no lies.

Contacting ExpertRating

ExpertRating provides a variety of ways to contact their customer support. You can quickly and efficiently send an email or fill out the contact form on their website. For customers in the US, there is a toll-free phone number available from Monday to Friday during business hours.

Furthermore, their website has an FAQ section which covers common queries. It's wise to check this section before reaching out for assistance. If you need expert help for more advanced issues, you can get it via email or phone.

ExpertRating's customer support team is highly experienced and knowledgeable. They are ready to answer any queries swiftly and effectively. Plus, they offer live chat support during business hours for urgent matters.

Before contacting customer support, it's a good idea to have all the necessary details handy. This includes order IDs, product names/codes, error messages (if any), etc.

In short, contacting ExpertRating's customer support is easy and hassle-free. With prompt service and a team of experts, customers can expect excellent assistance for all their queries.

Conclusion – Is ExpertRating Worth it?

ExpertRating is an excellent choice. It offers a range of certifications and tests, plus is credible and user-friendly. Prices are reasonable too. Plus, a colleague of mine used it and was very impressed with the study materials and testing process. If you need a reliable, user-friendly certification platform at an affordable price, ExpertRating is worth checking out!